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Articles of Association

Article 1 Association name
This association was founded pursuant to the law dated August 16, 1901. The full name of the association is Association de Golf en France (abbreviated as AGF)

Article 2 Service scope
Association of Golf en France is a non-profit social organization that strives to increase member benefits and provide member services to boost bidirectional interactions and activities. The association is committed to international exchanges in the field of golf.
The mission of the association may be summarized as follows:
1. Organization of golf torunaments and lectures on  regular basis.
2. Promotion of exchanges to disseminate knowledge about golf.
3. Establishment of contacts with other international golf organizations and provision of the latest information on the golf industry.
4. Talent training services related to the golf industry.


Article 3 Association address
Association HQ is situated in France at the following address : 14 bis Av. Pierre Assailly 93150 Le Blanc Mesnil

Article 4 Term of existence
The term of existence of the association shall be unlimited

Article 5 Association members
The association is comprised of the founders, honorary members, domors, and registered members.

Article 6 Membership criteria
Members must agree to comply with and abide by the articles of association. The board of directors of the association shall be entitled to deny membership applications if justified reasons exist.

Article 7 Cancellation of membership
Members may cancel their membership status for the following reasons: death, resignation, or cancellation. In case of serious circumstances, the board of directors shall be authorized to revoke a membership status.

Article 8 Board of directors
The board of directors shall be comprised and managed by five directors. Directors shall be elected by the General Assembly for a term of 3 years and may serve consecutive terms. The board of directors shall be reshuffled every three years. For the first reshuffle resigning members shall be determined by lucky draw. During vacation periods, the board shall appoint interim acting directors who shall serve until the next General Assembly.

Article 9 Board meetings
Board meetings shall be convened by the chairman or a minimum of four directors at least once a year. Board resolutions shall be based on the will of the majority of the members. If no majority can be reached, the will of the board chairman shall prevail. Unexcused absence from three board meetings on the part of board members shall be viewed as a resignation from board duties.

Article 10 Regular assembly
The Regular Assembly shall be comprised of all association members.
The Regular Assembly shall be convened once a year by the chairman.
The Regular Assembly shall have the right to approve or reject proposals submitted by the board of directors and conduct reviews of annual financial accounts.
The Regular Assembly shall make decisions on all issues on the agenda in the prescribed sequence. Decisions shall be based on the will of the majority of the members in attendance.

Article 11 Special meetings
The chairman may convene special meetings if special requirements exist or by proposal of one or more registered members.Special meetings shall be confined to reviews of proposals submitted on the same day. Special meetings may also be convened for the purpose of amendment of the articles of association by proposal of the board.

Article 12 Internal statutes
Internal statutes shall be established by the board of directors for the purpose of an elaboration of items (organizational principles and work contents in particular) not specified in these articles of association. Upon approval by the General Assembly, internal statutes shall be applicable to all association members.

Article 13 Dissolution of the association
Proposals to dissolve the association shall be submitted during special meetings by one or more liquidators. In accordance with the regulations set forth in Article 9 of the law promulgated on July 1, 1901, remaining assets shall be transferred to association with similar goals.


Formulated in Paris on April 30, 2015